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Ring and Ball Apparatus
Ring and Ball Apparatus
Compression Test Apparatus
Compression Test Apparatus
The Popular Science Apparatus Workshops--PSAW (INDIA)
Quick Set Dumpy Level
Speedy Moisture Meters
Direct Sheer Apparatus
Moisture Meter
Measuring Tapes
Prospector Level
Liquid Limit Device
With Counter
Automatic Levels
Air Entrainment Meter
Plane Table Outfit
Sieve Shaker Rotap
Telescopic Alidade
Engineer Precision Level
Titing Level
Reflective Prisms
Autoclave Instruments
Vertical Autoclave (Economy Model)
Vertical Autoclave (GPM Model)
Portable Autoclave (P Type)
Aerosol Disinfector
Ball Mill
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Carbon & Sulphur Apparatus
Circulating Water Bath
Conductivity Meter
Digital Lab Instruments
Embedding Moulds
Fume Hood
Glass Bead Sterlizer
High Precision Water Bath
Incubators Various
Kjeldahl App Various
Laboratory Stirrer
Magnetic Stirrer
Multiwell Plate Oscillator
Modules Positive Pressure
Orbital Shaking Incubator
Plant Growth Chamber
Pipette Washer
Rotary Shaker
Tissue Culture Rack
Seed Germinator
  Shaking Incubators
  Sieves & Sieve Shaker
  Stirrers Various
  Tissue floatation Bath
  Turbidity Meter
  Ultra Violet Inspection Box
  Vacuum rotary Evaporator
  Vortex Shaker
  Water Still
  Wrist Action Shaker
Autoclave Instruments
Vertical Autoclave Deluxe Model)
Horizontal Autoclave (Cylindrical)
Cement Autoclave
Air Curtain
Biosafety Cabinet
Balances Electronic
B.O.D. Incubator
Clean Room Pass Boxes
Cleanair Tents
Colour Imaging System (CCTV)
Deep Freezer
Distillation App.
Environmental Chamber
Glassware Dryer
Blood Bank Refrigerator
High Pressure Sterilizer
Kjeldahl Digestion
Laminar Flow Bench
Metabolic Shaker
Mortuary Chamber
Ovens Various
Ph Meter
Positive Pressure Modules
Humidity Chamber
Seed Storage Cabinet
Shaking Machines
  Soxhlet Extraction
  T.D.S. Meter
  Tissue Homogenizer
  Tissue Culture Rack
  U. V. Sterile Chamber
  Vacuum Oven
  Water Bath Various
  Water & Soil Analysis Kit
  Digital Balance
Autoclave Instruments
Vertical Autoclave (Triple Walled)
Horizontal Autoclave (Rectangular)
Animal Isolator
Air Shower
Bacteriological Incubator
Block Holders
Bottle Mixer
Cleanroom Garment Locker
Colony Counter
Constant Temperature Bath
Electrophoresis Apparatus
General Lab. Accessories
Animal Isolator
Heating Mantles
Horizontal Autoclave
Humidity Cabinet
Jar Testing Apparatus
Leather Strop
Low Temperature Cabinet
Multifunctional Oscillator
Melting Point App.
Muffle Furnace Various
Pass Boxes
Photoelectric Colourimeter
Quick Freezer
Fume Hood
Seed Dryer
Serological Water Bath
Swinging Top Shaker
  Test Sieves
  TLC Kit
  Ultra Low tempurature Bath
  Vacuum Pump
  V.D.R.L. Rotator
  Water Bath Shaker
  Willey Mill
  Digital Colony Counter
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